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Friday, November 26, 2021

Why is incense lit during worship? There are many benefits to bringing peace to the home

Why is incense lit during worship? There are many benefits to bringing peace to the home

The burning of incense and agarbatti is of special importance in the pooja. Worship is considered incomplete without lighting it. It is said that burning incense during worship increases positivity. The incense used during worship is made from herbs. When it is lit, it removes insects from the scent as well as the atmosphere in the house becomes positive.

Let us know what are the further benefits of burning incense during worship.

Peace of mind.

Burning incense during worship brings peace of mind. So the mind also feels happiness. Therefore incense should be burnt during worship.

Negativity is removed

Burning incense during pooja removes negativity from the house and increases positivity. According to the scriptures burning incense improves the atmosphere of the house. For this reason, incense needs to be lit.

God is pleased

It is believed that burning incense during worship is pleasing to God. According to the scriptures, the fragrance of incense is very dear to the gods and goddesses. It makes them happy and showers their grace.

The stress is gone

Incense also plays a good role in relieving your stress. If you are going through any kind of stress, light the agarbatti in the morning and evening during the Lord's Aarti. Doing so will take away your stress in just a few minutes.

These are also benefits of burning incense

Burning incense at home brings peace of mind, body and home. With this diseases and sorrows are also removed. Home fights and accidents - accidents do not happen. With it, the faults of the house are also removed. Incense also reduces the ill effects of planets and constellations.

Prepare incense this way

However, incense sticks are available in the market. But if you want to make incense at home, it can be made by mixing equal quantity of sandalwood, leprosy, acne, resin, jaggery, sugar, nectar, jatamansi, laghu and kshaudra. It is more effective than ready-made incense available in the market. At the same time its fragrance also relaxes the mind and brain.


(Note: The information and data provided in this article is based on general assumptions. Before implementing this, please consult the relevant experts.)

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