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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Election results of 5 states LIVE

Election results of 5 states LIVE

Election results of 5 states LIVE: Will BJP's saffron fly again in UP? In Punjab, a man can become a big party; BJP-Congress clash in Uttarakhand

There are only counting hours left in which the results of 5 state assembly elections will come out. According to exit polls, a BJP government is being formed in UP again. While Aam Aadmi Party can be a big party in Punjab. The BJP formed the government even after its defeat in Goa last term. So it seems difficult for the BJP to return to power in Goa this time. In Uttarakhand, there is a clash between the BJP and the Congress. In Manipur, the Congress had won a majority last term, but like Goa, the BJP has formed a coalition government.

The results of 403 seats in UP will be declared, in 2017 BJP won 312 and SP 47 seats

The results of the Assembly elections in UP, the country's largest political hub, will be released today. This result will show who will rule the 24 crore population here for the next 5 years. The state witnessed 7% voting in 25 days. The main battle is between BJP and SP. In the last election, the BJP formed the government by winning a record 312 seats, while the SP got 47 seats. The BSP got more votes than Sapa, but only 19 seats. This time the BJP made Kairana's escape, gangster-mafia and bulldozers a big issue while the Opposition besieged the government over the Lakhimpur violence.

The math of the coalition in UP

BJP + Apna Dal + Nishad Party 370 + 17 + 16 (403)

Congress 400

SP + Ralod + Subhaspa + Other 343 + 33 + 17 + 10 (402)

BSP 403

Who will win elections in Punjab, challenge for Congress, your wave; With the help of BJP captain

The counting of votes for 117 assembly seats in Punjab will take place today. Voting for it took place on February 20. The EVMs were then placed in the Strog Room. In Punjab, the Congress is facing challenges to retain power. The Akali Dal, on the other hand, is eager to return to power after 5 years. Thus the Aadmi Party is trying to form a government by transferring the spirit of change in the minds of the people to the vote. On the other hand, BJP has also entered the fray for the first time along with former CM Captain Amarinder Singh.

BJP formed government even after losing last term in Goa, this time challenging Kejriwal along with Congress

Counting has started in Goa, the smallest state in the country. In Teva, 40 seats in the state were voted in single phase from February 14. On which 301 candidates have entered the fray for victory. Out of which 40 are from BJP, 37 from Congress, 39 from AAP, 26 from TMC, 13 from MGP and 68 from Independents. A total of 11.56 lakh voters will elect their favorite candidate.

Let me tell you that the BJP has been in power in Goa for the last 2 years. If we talk about last term's elections, the Congress was the largest party, but the BJP has formed a government with a smaller party. In Teva, the Congress has contested the elections along with the Goa Forward Party (GFP).

Will BJP break tradition of change of power in Uttarakhand, Congress will be able to return to power? Judgment will take place today

The fate of 632 candidates will be decided today in the 70 seats of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand amidst the holy waves of Ganga-Yamuna. In the politics of Uttarakhand, which was separated from Uttar Pradesh two decades ago, the two parties, BJP and Congress, are now at loggerheads.

The Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (UKD) has never been in a challenging role except in the first elections, but this time the situation is different. This time, apart from the UKD, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has also challenged both the parties. Independent candidates are also vying for half the seats based on their local image.

It remains to be seen whether the Congress will return to power in Manipur

The Congress, which formed the government in Manipur from 2002 to 2017, became the largest party by winning 28 seats for the last time, but the BJP formed the government for the first time after the election results. In such a scenario, the decision on whether the Congress will return to power will come only after the election results.

In Manipur too, most of the focus will be on whether he can retain power during the election results. In particular, the BJP's ally in the government, the National People's Party (NPP), stood against him in the elections this time.

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