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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Trends to look forward in 2023- social media, music and gaming

Trends to look forward in 2023- social media, music and gaming

There are a lot of activities to explore in the coming time, and there could be bigger technology and developing companies which are going to play big in the coming year.

Music and game industries have been going together for more than a decade now, but it was this year where a lot of talking related to the music and ‘the metaverse’ took place. Today, it is all about gaming in the 3D/virtual worlds and augmented reality and it is always backed with music depending on the kind of gameplay we have.

The major excitement is about the potential for gaming in the metaverse for real. This means that there is a lot of activity to explore, from some of the biggest technology and game development companies. 

Here are the firms we’re been watching keenly, and you can find them below.

Epic Games

Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite games have reportedly worked with artists like Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and Marshmello to set piece performances within its flagship game. The company has put in smaller in-game concerts and they launched a Grand Theft Auto-style in-game radio station too, which gained popularity. 

The company’s musical ambition has stretched beyond and in November 2021 it acquired Harmonix, a veteran music-games developer to “develop musical journeys and game play for Fortnite.”


Formerly Known as Facebook, Meta is much excited about the metaverse. It could easily be known as the company itself changed its name to reflect it. This is much visible that Music is playing a prominent role in the company’s exploration of virtual reality technology. 


The company aims at the mission of emerging technology, to enrich our experiences as human beings in the physical world. Niantic is the company behind the most successful mobile AR games (well, the only successful ones, on a global scale) like Pokémon Go. 

The company dabbled in music before: a collab with Ed Sheeran (November 2021). The company further unveiled Lightship, a software development kit (SDK) to help developers and brands for creating their own AR apps and games. 

Niantic has further invested in music/tech startup Pixelynx, which is using Lightship to develop its own music-themed game. 

Riot Games 

Yet another familiar company is known to develop League of Legends, one of the biggest games which have been used for esports. Riot Games has a history with music and has booked various artists to play its big esports events. The company has released music from its soundtracks through the FUGA deal. The company has been tackling the challenge of providing gamer creators on Twitch with music which they could use without takedown fears, through its own releases and a partnership with licensing startup Slip. 


It is all about updation with the latest technology when we speak of Apple. The company’s involvement in the metaverse has been visible, and it has been focusing purely on App Store as a distribution model for other companies’ games. The company has been working on AR and VR experiences to work on the league accordingly. As per the sources, it is said that the VR headset from Apple is scheduled for 2023. 

ByteDance / TikTok

ByteDance, the parent company of the short video platform has recently gone on a hiring spree for the business. Short video platform needs music and for that, Meta’s VR strategy has been expected to feature in ByteDance and Pico plans too. Even the thought of a VR TikTok is making our head spin a little.


Snapchat is another company which has been contributing to the metaverse. It has focused on augmented reality lenses which started off as novelties (rainbow vomit, flippy dog tongues) and have grown into a creative, fun and innovative platform for developers to play with AR. 

And these are the top hand-picked companies which have been working as per the growth focusing on the future, and metaverse is going to play a vital role in their businesses individually.

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Triumph TE-1 electric bike will hit 100 kmph in just 4 seconds

Triumph TE-1 electric bike will hit 100 kmph in just 4 seconds

The Triumph TE-1 prototype is the company’s first electric and very fast motorcycle. You can estimate its speed by the fact that it can reach speeds of 0 to 100 kmph in just 4 seconds. Its performance is very good in its category. Triumph has several high-speed ICE motorcycles in its portfolio, but now this feature EV is also going to enter the two-wheeler market.

The company has completed the fourth and final stage of performance evaluation in this regard. If we go by the performance figures of the TE-1, it is going to be a smoky entry in the market. Overall this bike has performed well in many categories. Currently, there is a lot of emphasis on the production and use of electric vehicles in the country and the world. As far as India is concerned, programs such as subsidies are also being run by central and state governments to increase the use of electric vehicles.

However, this bike is inspired by the Triumph Street triple. The bike gets a fresh design with twin pod head lamps. Triumph says the TE-1’s images look exactly like a real motorcycle. The bike is completely covered with an aluminum chassis and weighs a total of 220 kg. Due to its chassis design, it has a higher power-to-weight ratio than other current models.

Range and Charging: Talking about the charging time, this electric bike can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in just 25 minutes. Currently, there is no model available in the market that offers such a fast charging speed. Prototype means a project that is being worked on and Triumph has not yet given any information regarding the model’s train date.

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Friday, July 29, 2022

World Hepatitis Day 2022: Hepatitis causes many dangerous diseases including liver cancer, how to protect

World Hepatitis Day 2022: Hepatitis causes many dangerous diseases including liver cancer, how to protect

World Hepatitis Day is observed every year on 28 July to raise awareness of viral hepatitis, which causes inflammation of the liver that leads to severe disease and liver cancer.

The world is currently facing a new outbreak of unexplained acute hepatitis infections affecting children. WHO, together with scientists and policy-makers in affected countries, are working to understand the cause of this infection that does not appear to belong to any of the known 5 types of viral hepatitis viruses: A, B, C, D and E.

This new outbreak brings focus on thousands of acute viral hepatitis infections that occur among children, adolescents and adults every year. Most acute hepatitis infections cause mild disease and even go undetected. But, in some cases, they can lead to complications and be fatal.

Global efforts prioritize the elimination of hepatitis B and C infections. Unlike acute viral hepatitis, hepatitis B and C lead to chronic disease that is asymptomatic for many years, resulting in cirrhosis, liver cancer and death. In the WHO European Region, hepatitis B and C are responsible for more than 100 000 lives lost every year.

While we have the guidance and tools to diagnose, treat and prevent chronic viral hepatitis, these services are often out of reach of communities and are sometimes only available at centralized or specialized hospitals.

On World Hepatitis Day 2022, WHO is highlighting the need to bring hepatitis treatment and care closer to primary health-care facilities and communities so that people have better access no matter what type of hepatitis they may have.

WHO aims to achieve hepatitis elimination by 2030. To get there, WHO calls on countries to achieve specific interim targets by 2025:

to reduce new infections of hepatitis B and C by 50%

to reduce deaths from liver cancer by 40%

to ensure that 60% of people with hepatitis B and C virus are diagnosed

to ensure that 50% of those eligible receive appropriate treatment.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The History of YouTube: What to Know

The History of YouTube: What to Know

YouTube (an American online video sharing platform owned by Google) was launched on February 14, 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. The founders of You tube wanted to create an easy way on how people could upload and share videos worldwide. Before YouTube was introduced, there were no reliable sources for one to share videos on the internet. For this reason, the three buddies, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim thought of starting a platform where people could share their beautiful experiences through online videos.

However, YouTube had a hard time getting traffic in the first months after the launch. They uploaded the first video titled “Me at the zoo” featuring Jawed Karim on April 23, 2005. But despite starting low, YouTube has risen to become the best video upload site and the 2nd most visited online site after google. 

Before YouTube was founded, other video platforms such as Real player, Windows Media Player, Google Video, and Share Your World were available. However, these sites required many processes before uploading videos and were expensive to the users as one was required to pay before sharing videos.

YouTube brought better ways to upload, access, comment, like, and share videos with fewer requirements, unlike the early sites. The three founders started their work at Mellon Park, California, with a dream of building a computer application that would create an efficient way for people to share videos online without complications. Unlike previous video uploading platforms, YouTube grew to become the world’s best video-sharing website.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Neural Crossword Solver Outperforms Humans for the First Time

Neural Crossword Solver Outperforms Humans for the First Time

Crosswords are one of humanity’s most popular pastimes. They consist of a set of clues to answers which form a grid of overlapping words. The goal is to complete the grid.

Crosswords are one area of endeavor where humans significantly outperform machines. Indeed, the most prestigious competition is the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, which is held every year and has always been won by a human.

In 2017, a machine called Dr Fill achieved a respectable 11th place out of over six hundred contestants. But a machine had never won the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Until last year.

Enter the Berkeley Crossword Solver, an automatic crossword-solving program developed by Eric Wallace and other members of the natural language programming team at the University California, Berkeley, along with Matt Ginsberg, the original developer of the Dr Fill program.
First Place

The new program outscored all human competitors in the 2021 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. “[This] marks the first time that a computer program has surpassed human performance at this event,” say the researchers. “Our system won first place against 1,100 top human solvers.”

Machines find crosswords difficult because they consist of several distinct types of clue that require different approaches to solve. For example, knowledge-based clues require an understanding of history or pop culture or other forms of trivia. The team give this as an example: CLUE: Book after Song of Solomon A: ISAIAH.

A wordplay clue requires players to reason about anagrams, puns or words with similar meanings. For example, CLUE: One followed by nothing, A: TEN.

And common-sense clues require a realistic understanding of the real world. For example, CLUE: Cause of a smudge, A: WETINK

Answers comprising of more than one word are particularly tricky for programs because the number of possible answers increases dramatically.

By contrast, word definitions are often straightforward for a machine to find automatically by data mining. For example, CLUE: Tusked savanna dweller A: WARTHOG.

The Berkeley Crossword Solver’s approach is straightforward. It begins with a neural questioning answering algorithm that produces candidate solutions for all the clues along with a score suggesting how good a solution it might be.

This algorithm is trained on a vast database of over six million question-answer pairs from historical crosswords dating back 70 years. It also uses an open-source natural language AI called GPT-2 to help with word segmentation

Next, it uses these suggested answers to populate the grid. Without a perfect set of answers, this process is tricky because of numerous conflicts that occur, requiring a preference for one candidate solution over another.

The Berkeley team use a process called Belief Propagation to resolve this. This aims to produce a solution with the highest overlap to the expected solution, rather than a solution preferring words with greater scores from the question answering process.

The result is a solution that is often close to correct but with various small mistakes. So the final stage is a second pass at the puzzle where the program examines alternative solutions that are a small edit away. The program scores the resulting solutions and repeats until no more improvements are possible.
Capable Solver

The outcome is a highly capable crossword solving program. “Our system outperforms even the best human solvers and can solve puzzles from a wide range of domains with perfect accuracy,” say the team.

However, they are at pains to point out that crossword puzzles are not yet “solved”. Instead, The Berkeley Crossword Solver is optimized for certain kinds of puzzles popular in the US, such as the famous New York Times crossword. “Compared to existing approaches, our system improves exact puzzle accuracy from 57% to 82% on crosswords from The New York Times,” say the team.

But it does not perform well on other types. In particular, the program cannot tackle cryptic crosswords of the style that is popular in the UK. “Cryptic crosswords involve a different set of conventions and challenges, e.g., more metalinguistic reasoning clues such as anagrams, and likely require different methods from those we propose,” admit the Berkeley team.

That’s interesting work showing significant advances over previous solvers. It also demonstrates that humans still rule the roost in the world of crossword solving; for how much longer, it is hard to tell
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Monday, July 25, 2022

Highest Mileage Strong Hybrid Cars in India, Check Full List

Highest Mileage Strong Hybrid Cars in India, Check Full List

The first place has been Maruti Suzuki’s Grand Vitara, which is a new SUV from the company. This strong hybrid technology has been developed by Toyota itself and it has been introduced for the first time in any model of Maruti. Maruti Suzuki’s Grand Vitara offers a mileage of 27.97 kmpl with 1.5-litre petrol engine and Strong Hybrid technology. With this, it has become the highest mileage SUV in the country.

This is followed by Honda’s new City which has been brought with Strong Hybrid technology in the month of May. It is mated to a 1.5-litre Atkinson hybrid petrol engine, with two electric motors making a combined maximum power of 126 bhp and peak torque of 253 Nm. With Honda’s e-CVT technology, it gives a mileage of 26.5 kmpl.

After this finally Toyota’s vehicle has been the Camry which has been sold in the Indian market for a long time. This is one of the models that was brought to India for the first time with the strong hybrid engine. Strong hybrid system has been given in this sedan with 2.5-litre petrol engine and this car gives a mileage of 22.8 kmpl.

The fourth place has been the ES model of Lexus, the luxury car maker of Toyota Group. It is powered by a 2.5-litre petrol engine that coupled with an electric motor produces 212 bhp of power and 213 Nm of torque. Despite being a luxury car, it delivers a mileage of 22.6 kmpl. The car accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h in just 8.1 seconds.

Toyota’s luxury model Vellfire is at the fifth position in this list. The luxury MPV is powered by a 2.5-litre engine and two electric motors that produce 141 bhp of power and 198 Nm of torque. Toyota Vellfire offers mileage of 16.4 kmpl and comes mated to a CVT gearbox.

After this, Lexus vehicles have made their place. Lexus LS sedan gives mileage of 15.4 kmpl, LC Coupe 12.3 kmpl and Lexus RX SUV gives 12 kmpl. Most of the company’s models come with the strong hybrid engine option and Toyota is the leader in hybrid cars across the world, not just in India.

Taking Toyota’s technology, Maruti’s Grand Vitara has won the mileage. However, Toyota is also soon going to bring the Urban Cruiser Highrider with Strong Hybrid technology and we estimate that this SUV can deliver a mileage of around 25 – 27 kmpl

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WhatsApp Stickers: How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in Minutes

WhatsApp Stickers: How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in Minutes

WhatsApp Stickers: Ever since Meta announced the Stickers feature on WhatsApp, conversations started getting more fun. WhatsApp is no longer limited to emojis, but stickers are small animated images.

WhatsApp has allowed other developers to create their own stickers and add them to the meta-owned social messaging app. However, this method is a bit complicated for anyone unaware of coding. So, we'll show you how to create a new sticker pack yourself, or download it from another app. And, we are sure you will enjoy the process, so without any delay, let's get started.

How to create stickers for WhatsApp on Mobile? Obviously, there is no easy way to create WhatsApp Stickers directly. So you have to rely on third-party apps. is one of the most popular WhatsApp sticker maker apps. Although it has loads of sticker packs, it allows you to create stickers packs to use on WhatsApp.

Step : 1 Download from Google Play Store.

Step: 2 Now, log in with your Facebook or Google account.

Step : 3 Tap on the + button at the bottom and choose the type of sticker you want to create; Animated or Regular

Step: 4 Select a picture and click on Auto.

Step: 5 Now, tap on Next and give it a name and a tag. Select New Pack and Save.

Step: 6 Now you can send it to your friends or anyone by tapping on Add to WhatsApp option in WhatsApp.

How to Create Custom Stickers on WhatsApp Web and Desktop? WhatsApp introduced support for creating stickers on the web version for desktop last year. 

Step: 1 Open WhatsApp Web in your browser on your desktop. 

Step: 2 Scan the QR Code and log in to your WhatsApp account. 

Step: 3 Open the contact to whom you want to send the custom sticker. 

Step: 4 Click on the Attachments menu on the left side of the message bar.

Step: 5 Click on the sticker option and select a photo.

Step : 6 Now customize it using tools like outline, emoji, sticker, text, paint and crop which WhatsApp once customized click on the send button and the message will be sent.

Know about app

Discover millions of funny WhatsApp stickers and create your own stickers.
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Here’s how to create sticker pack for WhatsApp.
1. Name your sticker pack.
2. Select photos and cut out stickers from your photos
3. Add captions to give your stickers more character.
4. Export your stickers to WhatsApp and send them to friends.

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Truecaller or apps like them will no longer be needed! This is how you will know who is calling you

Truecaller or apps like them will no longer be needed! This is how you will know who is calling you

Truecaller App: Often we all get calls without name in our phones. Due to which we do not know who is calling. To know this, we download Truecaller. So that the name of the caller can be digested. Many things are heard about Truecaller. It is said that our information gets known from this APP. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is working on such a facility, after which the Truecaller App will not be needed. Without any app you will be able to find out who is calling you all for free?

Truecaller is the most popular app. Everyone uses this app. The specialty is that this app tells who is calling you. Displays complete information about calls coming from unknown numbers on the screen. Through this, spam calls are detected. Imagine if something happened that would allow you to find out who is calling you for free, without any app? Let us tell you that in the coming time such a feature can be released for all of us and TRAI is also planning on this.

Car Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is working on a feature that will enable all smartphone users in the country to avoid spam calls. TRAI official says that TRAI is looking to create a system that will allow service providers to display who is calling. The name TRAI is planning to work on the system that will appear at the time of the call will be based on the KYC details of the smartphone user. This new Caller ID feature will work on the permission of the users. Subscribers of telecom companies will be able to choose whether they want their names on display or not.


Let us tell you that this is being talked about at the moment and TRAI will soon issue a consultation paper related to it and then will also take out its fine print. If this feature comes, then the use of apps like Truecaller will be less or less in India.

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WhatsApp Tips : How To Send Message On WhatsApp In Minutes Without Typing

WhatsApp Tips : How To Send Message On WhatsApp In Minutes Without Typing

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, and that includes India. WhatsApp has so many features for users that it can be easy to miss some hidden tools that have the potential to make your experience on the app even better.

One such option offered by WhatsApp is to text on the messaging app without typing on your smartphone, whether it's Android or iOS. Here we tell you the steps to send text on WhatsApp using services like Google Assistant and Siri, so let us also tell you what are those easy steps...

How to send WhatsApp messages without typing on Android To send messaging on WhatsApp using voice commands, you need to use the Google Assistant feature on your smartphone.

Step 1- Open the Google app on your phone, click on your profile on the top right.

Step 2- Go to your Android phone's Settings and open Google Assistant.

Step 3- To send a message to any contact on WhatsApp, speak near your phone's microphone whatever you wanted to say in the message.

For example, you can say, send WhatsApp message to XYZ, and Google will search for Contact by this name and give you the result Step 4- Now Assistant will ask you to send a message on WhatsApp, just reply by saying, Ok, send it.


How to send WhatsApp messages without typing on iOS For iPhone users, WhatsApp has a similar way to send messages without typing, and for them it's through the Siri voice assistant.

Step 1- Open Settings on your iPhone, and then enable, listen for "Hey Siri" feature.

Step 2- Now scroll down the screen and click on WhatsApp.

Step 3- Enable use with Ask Siri feature for hands-free texting support on WhatsApp.

Step 4- Now on your iPhone via Siri use "Send WhatsApp message to any of your contact" command with the word "Hey Siri" Wake up.

Step 5- Siri will ask you which message you want to send to Contact A, say the message to be sent on WhatsApp.

Step 6- Siri will give you a preview of the message before sending it.

Step 7- Now, Siri will ask you if you are ready to send a message on WhatsApp, just say yes and the message will be sent to your selected contact on WhatsApp.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Boat Storm Pro Smartwatch launched in India, will get AMOLED display at a low price

 Boat Storm Pro Smartwatch launched in India, will get AMOLED display at a low price

  • Highlights
  • BoAt Storm Pro smartwatch launched in India.
  • The price of BoAt Storm Pro Watch is Rs 2,999.
  • It can be purchased from Flipkart and Boat’s website.

New Delhi. boAt has launched a new smartwatch BoAt Storm Pro Smartwatch in the market. The company’s latest smartwatch is an upgraded version of the Boat Storm. This is the biggest watch of smartwatch. The Storm Pro is also boAt’s large display smartwatch. The specialty of BoAt smartwatch is that it comes with an AMOLED display. most of the company budget Smartwatches have TFT or LCD displays, but with the Storm Pro you can get an AMOLED display without spending much. The price of this watch is Rs 2,999. It can be purchased from Flipkart and Boat’s website.

In addition to excellent performance, the boAt Storm Pro can track over 700 activities, including strength and heart related activities like dance, cricket, ballot, running, boxing, etc. The watch can track low and moderate intensity activities like cooking, playing instruments, gardening and more.

boAt Storm Pro Smartwatch Price

boAt Storm Pro smartwatch has been launched at an initial price of Rs 2999. boAt has not revealed the original price of the smartwatch. It is also not clear how long this offer will last. The smartwatch has been introduced in colors including Active Black, Cool Gray and Deep Blue. It will be available on and starting 12th July 2022 at 12 noon at an initial price of Rs 2999.

boAt Storm Pro Specifications

boAt Storm Pro sports a 1.78-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 60Hz. This display is equipped with Always-on-display feature. This latest smartwatch of the company comes with many health and fitness monitors. In this you will get more than 700 fitness modes. With the help of this watch, activities like cooking, skateboarding and gardening can also be tracked. This new smartwatch from Boat also has a 24×7 heart rate sensor with SpO2 monitor, sleek tracker and step counter. In this you can monitor your fitness in real-time

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Ban on the use of crypto for payments in Russiaa

 Ban on the use of crypto for payments in Russia

Ladimir Putin, the president of the aggressor state of Russia, has signed a new law that will ban the use of cryptographers and other “digital assets” in the payments space – even though crypto pay is already illegal in the country.

The use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment was prohibited in January 2021, when Law 259-FZ (which passed the State Duma in mid-2020) was officially adopted in Russia.

The new law, which comes into force at the end of this month, does little but reinforce Law 259-FZ. It does, however, contain more detail and does away with some of the sometimes confusing and vague terminology used in the 2021 law.

The outlawing of crypto payments is the only crypto-related point upon which the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank actually agree. The ministry, which has created a bill aimed at regulating crypto, would like to legalize the industry, while the Central Bank favors a total ban. Lawmakers will hope that now that the ban on crypto payments has been reinforced, the two parties will hurry up and reach a compromise on crypto policy.

The new law also makes specific mention of security tokens and utility tokens, which are expressly outlawed as a means of payment. It adds that no “goods, performed works, or services rendered” can be exchanged for cryptoassets or other forms of digital payment.

A leading Russian crypto blog channel named SelfInvestorz noted in a post that “experts agree that the new law will not have a significant impact on the market,” as crypto payments is a very small niche in Russia. Few if any Russian companies have pursued crypto payments-related initiatives.

The blogger added that the law will simply “strengthen the role of the ruble as the only legal means of payment” in Russia.

And, the same blogger wrote, the development is both “good and bad news” for crypto advocates.

They added that the good news was that “regulation is always a harbinger of stability,” which could lead to “industry development.”

But the “bad news,” the blogger concluded, was that regulators would inevitably “get to” the sector, and would follow up with “additional restrictions, obstacles, bans, fees, commissions, and taxes.”

Meanwhile, Russian psychologists are reporting a spike in the number of patients admitted with addictions to crypto and stock trading.

The media outlet Izvestia reported that the Dr. Isaeva rehabilitation center in Moscow stated that it had seen a rise in cases related to cryptoassets. The center noted that many of the admissions had previously shown signs of addictive behavior, such as “gambling.”

The clinic reported that the “average age of cryptocurrency addicts” was around 30.

An expert from the clinic was quoted as stating that many addicts turned to crypto after they had lost large amounts of money elsewhere and were no longer able to trade on the stock exchange.

The expert added that crypto trading addicts’ behavior had much in common with both “alcoholics and workaholics.”

Leonardo Guevara, a psychiatrist, narcologist, and psychotherapist at the Marshak Clinc, was quoted as explaining that stock trading addicts were more likely to turn to psychiatrists for help, while crypto trading addicts are more reluctant to seek assistance.

Guevara concluded that an “impulsive desire” to perform crypto-related “actions” spurred some trading addicts to chase the “feelings of euphoria and excitement” often associated with buying and selling tokens

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Friday, July 22, 2022

Campaign against single use plastic in Delhi, 1165 kg of plastic goods seized

Campaign against single use plastic in Delhi, 1165 kg of plastic goods seized

Plastic Ban in Delhi: In order to make the ban on single use plastic successful in the country’s capital Delhi, action is being taken by the MCD in different areas. Taking action, MCD has seized about 1165 kg of plastic items. Apart from this, challans of 503 people were also cut for the use of single use plastic. 124 teams have been formed regarding single use plastic. This team will roam in every corner of Delhi and take action.

Indiscriminate use of plastic on street tracks
Especially the people selling vegetables on the street vendors of Delhi are still careless and there people are using plastic bags indiscriminately. A total of 124 teams have been formed in 12 zones to curb MCD in Delhi. Here 8-10 teams have been formed in every zone for monitoring in every way. This team visits the ward of each zone and inspects it. Wherever single-use plastic is used in the investigation, it will be confiscated. At the same time, the challan of the shopkeeper will also be deducted for this.

eco club will be aware
At the same time, now the Eco Club of the capital will make people aware about single use plastic in Delhi. Let us tell you that in India, people still have confusion about single use plastic. To clear this misconceptions of the people, Environment Minister Gopal Rai held a joint meeting with Environment Department, DPCC, United Nations Environment Program and Delhi Eco Club on Monday. Gopal Rai also told that awareness campaign is necessary to stop single use plastic items.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

8 Popular Nobel Award Winners in India

 8 Popular Nobel Award Winners in India

Nobel Prize is a global recognition for individuals who have come up with something amazing for the society and mankind and that stand different from mere achievements.

Nobel Foundation administers this international award for the great persons who excel in the field of physics, literature, economic studies, medicine and physiology, chemistry and peace.

A set of six annual international awards is bestowed for the categories by Swedish and Norwegian institutions.

Alfred Nobel is the founder of the Nobel Prize and it is been awarded every year since 1901.

This is renowned as the most prestigious honors that is been given to the greatest individuals for the corresponding fields.

If you look back at the awards being given since 1901, 12 Indians were proud to receive the prize at different times.

Here we can have a look at the Best Nobel Prize winners from India you should know.

1. Rabindranath Tagore

nobel prize winners from india

  • Field: The Nobel Prize in Literature
  • Year: 1913

He was the first Indian to receive Nobel Prize and he got this honor for “Geetanjali” a collection of his poems.

Rabindranath Tagore was born on 7 May 1861 in Kolkata. He is known for reshaping Bengali literature and music with Contextual Modernism.

He introduced the use of colloquial language and several novel proses and verse forms.

When he achieved this honor in 1913, he became the first ever non-European to receive this great recognition.

He is known for his excellence in various fields including the roles as writer, playwright, essayist, song composer, and painter.

His fresh, profoundly sensitive, and amazingly beautiful verse bagged him the award.

He composed the National anthems of India ‘Jana Gana Mana’ and Bangladesh ‘Amar Shonar Bangla’.

Moreover, National Anthem of Sri Lanka is, in fact, said to be composed after getting inspired by his poetry.

During 2004, his Nobel Prize and some other belongings got stolen from Visva-Bharati University. Later the same year, the Swedish Academy presented two replicas of his prize to University, one made of bronze and one made of gold.

2. CV Raman

Nobel Prize Winners from India

  • Field: The Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Year: 1930

CV Raman is a renowned Indian scientist who got this recognition for his ‘Raman Effect‘ related to light.

He was born in the former Madras Province in India on 7 November 1888.

He is globally known for his ground-breaking work in the field of light scattering.

Apart from the Nobel Prize, he was also honored with India’s highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna.

Raman also received several honorary doctorates and memberships of scientific societies during his lifetime.

He received the Lenin Peace Prize in 1957 and got Franklin Medal in 1941.

He also made enormous contributions to musical instruments, vibration, sound, ultrasonics, photoelectricity, diffraction, colloidal particles, magnetron, X-ray diffraction, and dielectrics.

Interestingly, he booked his tickets early in July to collect the Nobel Prize well before the prize got announced in November.

He was the first ever Asian scientist to receive the Nobel Prize.

3. Mother Teresa

Nobel Prize Winners from India

  • Field: The Nobel Prize in Peace
  • Year: 1979

Mother Teresa was recognized with this honor for her selfless contribution and service through her Charitable Mission “Nirmal Hriday” at Calcutta.

She was born as a Yugoslavian nun who later became an Indian citizen. Her service was truly inspiring for the youth and people dying in destitute and suffering from Leprosy got heavily benefitted by the comprehensive work of her trust.

She was born on 26 August 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia.

Apart from this great recognition, she also received a lot of awards and honors throughout her selfless life.

To name a few, she received Order of the Smile, Padma Shri, Golden Honour of the Nation, Bharat Ratna and Order of Merit.

She founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 that comprised of 4,500 nuns and they were active in 133 countries.

Her ideology inspired several youths which said “By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian, By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.”

4. Amartya Sen

nobel prize winners from india

  • Field: The Nobel Prize in Economic Studies
  • Year: 1998

Amartya Sen is an Indian Professor in Economics and philosopher who received the honor for Economics in 1998 for his work in Economic Theory related to development, poverty, democracy and social welfare.

He was recognized with over 90 honorary degrees from several universities around the globe.

To name a few, he received the Adam Smith Prize in 1954, Bharat Ratna in 1999, Leontief Prize in 2000 and latest is Bodley Medal in 2019.

He was born on 3 November 1933 in Manikganj, Bengal. He made immense contributions in diverse areas including economic theories of famines, welfare economics, economic and social justice, social choice theory. Interestingly, Rabindranath Tagore gave Amartya Sen his name.

He also wrote a lot of books that talked on diverse areas that matter a lot to the society. His popular books include Choice of Techniques, On Economic Inequality, Poverty and Famines, and Freedom, Rationality, and Social Choice.

To add to his golden feathers, Sen was ranked number 14 in the ‘Greatest Bengali of all time’ poll by BBC.

5. Kailash Satyarthi

nobel prize winners from india

  • Field: The Nobel Prize in Peace
  • Year: 2014

Kailash Satyarthi is renowned as India’s Child rights activist who shared the recognition for the year with Pakistan’s activist Malala Yousafzai.

He was born on 11 January, 1954 in Vidisha.

He is the founder of many campaigns and foundations like Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Global Campaign for Education, Global March Against Child Labour, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation, and Good Weave International.

He is also renowned for his great books like Will for Children, The Light of the Same Sun and Every Child Matters.

According to latest reports, his team has liberated more than 87,000 children in the country from slavery, child labor, and trafficking.

His 80,000 km-long march across 103 countries received global exposure which protested against worst forms of child labor.

He was even a member of a UNESCO body that proposed the goal of providing “Education for All”.

To add to his list of honor, he got featured in LinkedIn’s Power Profiles List in 2017 & 2018 and was among Fortune magazine’s ‘World’s Greatest Leaders’ in 2015.

6. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

nobel prize winners from india

  • Field: The Nobel Prize for Chemistry
  • Year: 2009

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan is a renowned Indo-American who shared the honor for Chemistry in the year 2009.

The prize was shared with Ada Yonath of Israel and a co-American Thomas Steitz for mapping ribosomes.

He is a structural biologist by profession who was born on 1952 in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. Both his parents were scientists and it was not a surprise when he mastered this field.

To add to his recognition, he was elected as the President of the Royal Society.

He is even an Honorary Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford. Since the late 90 s, he served as a group leader at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, UK.

His most cited papers were published in the areas of Nature, Science, and Cell.

He is globally recognized for determining the atomic structure of the 30 S ribosomal subunit. Other than the Nobel Prize, he received Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine in 2007, Knight Bachelor in 2012 and Padma Vibhushan in 2010.

7. Dr. Hargobind Khorana

nobel prize winners from india

  • Field: The Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology
  • Year: 1968

Dr. Hargobind Khorana got this recognition for Medicine for his study of the Human Genetic Code and its role in Protein Synthesis.

In the same year, he was also awarded the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize from Columbia University. He has a Doctorate in Chemistry who was born on 9 January 1922 in Raipur.

He worked as faculties of three recognized universities in North America and was honored with the National Medal of Science in 1987 after becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States.

In addition to Nobel Prize, he was honored with several other recognitions which include Gairdner Foundation International Award in 1980, Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research, Padma Vibhushan and Willard Gibbs Award in 1974.

He got globally noticed when Indo-US Science and Technology Forum in union created the Khorana Program with the goal of developing a seamless community of industrialists, scientists, and social entrepreneurs in India and the United States.

8. Subramanian Chandrashekar

Subramanian Chandrashekar

  • Field: The Nobel Prize for Physics
  • Year: 1983

Subramanian Chandrashekar is a prominent Indian Astro-Physicist who achieved this recognition for his theory on white dwarf stars‘ limitation renowned as ‘Chandrasekhar Limit‘.

His excellence in the field didn’t come by surprise as he is the son of the elder brother of Sir C.V. Raman. He was born on 19 October 1910 in Lahore, Punjab and completed his studies from University of Cambridge and Trinity College.

He worked as a professor for a long time in University of Chicago and later took the role of editor of The Astrophysical Journal from 1952 to 1971.

In addition to Nobel Prize, he was honored with FRS in 1944, Adams Prize in 1948, Padma Vibhushan, Heineman Prize, Copley Medal in 1984 and a lot more.

He worked at the Ballistic Research Laboratory at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland during the time of World War 2.

Some of his famous publications include Principles of Stellar Dynamics, Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic Stability, An Introduction to the Study of Stellar Structure and Radiative Transfer.

9. S. Naipaul

S. Naipaul

  • Field: The Nobel Prize in Literature
  • Year: 2001

S. Naipaul was born on 17 August 1932 in Chaguanas but he is of Indian origin as his grandparents before emigrated from India to work in Trinidad’s cocoa colonies.

He was a Novelist, trip pen , and essayist by profession. Some of his amazing workshop  from fabrication and non-fiction order  include A House for Mr. Biswas, In a Free State, A Bend in the River, A Turn in the South, India: A Million insurgencies Now, Half a Life and The Enigma of appearance.

He moved to India, the land of his forebear during 1962 after marriage when he wrote the book ‘An Area of Darkness’ and a yearly “Letter from London” for The clarify  Weekly of the India.

While he got Nobel Prize in writings in 2001, he was before awarded Booker Prize in 1971. He finish his education from University College, Oxford and he moved to London where he started writing amazing books. He was accord the Trinity Cross in 1990.

10. Rudyard Kipling

. Rudyard Kipling

  • Field: The Nobel Prize for Literature
  • Year: 1907

Rudyard Kipling was born on 30 December 1865 in Mumbai and was an English intelligence , short-story pen , minstrel, and novelist by profession.

His most notorious workshop  came under different orders including short story, children’s literature, novel, poetry, wisdom fabrication, and trip literature.

Some of his notorious workshop are The Jungle Book, Just So Stories, Kim, Captains Courageous, “If—”, “Gunga Din” and “The White Man’s Burden”.

In his early days, he contributed to original journals like the Civil and Military review in Lahore and The Pioneer in Allahabad.

He traveled through several Asian countries, the United States and also  to Africa and numerous of his write-ups were inspired by incidents in his trip .

Kipling wrote several flyers and runes during the First World War that madly supported the country’s war aims.

farther than 50 of his unpublished runes were published by an American Scholar which got released during 2013.

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