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Friday, July 22, 2022

Campaign against single use plastic in Delhi, 1165 kg of plastic goods seized

Campaign against single use plastic in Delhi, 1165 kg of plastic goods seized

Plastic Ban in Delhi: In order to make the ban on single use plastic successful in the country’s capital Delhi, action is being taken by the MCD in different areas. Taking action, MCD has seized about 1165 kg of plastic items. Apart from this, challans of 503 people were also cut for the use of single use plastic. 124 teams have been formed regarding single use plastic. This team will roam in every corner of Delhi and take action.

Indiscriminate use of plastic on street tracks
Especially the people selling vegetables on the street vendors of Delhi are still careless and there people are using plastic bags indiscriminately. A total of 124 teams have been formed in 12 zones to curb MCD in Delhi. Here 8-10 teams have been formed in every zone for monitoring in every way. This team visits the ward of each zone and inspects it. Wherever single-use plastic is used in the investigation, it will be confiscated. At the same time, the challan of the shopkeeper will also be deducted for this.

eco club will be aware
At the same time, now the Eco Club of the capital will make people aware about single use plastic in Delhi. Let us tell you that in India, people still have confusion about single use plastic. To clear this misconceptions of the people, Environment Minister Gopal Rai held a joint meeting with Environment Department, DPCC, United Nations Environment Program and Delhi Eco Club on Monday. Gopal Rai also told that awareness campaign is necessary to stop single use plastic items.

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