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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Top 7 Reasons to Study an MBBS Degree in 2022 - Bachelors Portal

Top 7 Reasons to Study an MBBS Degree in 2022 - Bachelors Portal

Sure, everybody will tell you about the many advantages of studying a Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS) and how you should start a career dedicated to saving lives and improving healthcare.

But there’s so much more to it, and you’d be missing out if we wouldn’t dedicate an extensive article about it

1. You’ll study the human body – inside and out

Are you fascinated by the complexity of the human skeleton? Are you excited to meet a human cadaver first-hand and say “hi”? Well, you’ll get to learn the name of every bone, their shapes and sizes by heart.

This will also provide a great the chance to enact scenes from Hamlet while contemplating the nature of existence, and I’m sure nobody will judge you for playing skeleton dress-up after 4 weeks of studying for exams.

Your medical studies will also get you closer to understanding the inner workings of the kidneys, lungs, the human brain, and every little cog that is essential for keeping the organism functioning like it should. You’ll finally find out the meaning of all those songs talking about touching someone’s heart, and being on someone’s mind… literally

2. You’ll have perfect job security, even during the post-apocalypse

You’ve probably heard about medical job stability and the high salaries of doctors. But did you notice that doctors have it good even during the post-apocalypse? These guys get all the perks even after civilisation is wiped out.

Everybody protects them because they are the ones who keep the group alive and healthy, in spite of all dangers. They won’t keep you from turning into a zombie once you’re bitten, but they will surely try. That’s why they also usually end up being the group leaders, and the persons with most authority. Just like in real life.

Doctors do need excellent leadership and communication skills as well as a healthy dose of bedside manners. They are part of a team that needs to operate effectively because messing up costs lives. You need to address to your patients clearly and with empathy and also make sure you are on good terms with the nurses who are essential for the patient’s well-being.

3. You can study Medicine anywhere in the world!

The best thing about starting your Medical science degree is that you are not limited to your home country. There are plenty of study options all over the world. And, spoiler alert: everybody needs a good doctor.

So, if you want, you can even move to the country where you studied and do what you love there.

4. You’ll be a scientist!

Medicine has gone a long way from witch doctors and using leeches as treatment, and we can safely say that it is now an established science. But science always keeps growing and developing, and that’s the job of the medical researcher. This is a career you can start preparing for even starting with your Bachelor’s while preparing to work with the best and brightest minds.

And there are still some many mysterious medical conditions to be explained! For example, you can legitimately research why people turn into werewolves?

Patients suffering from Hypertrichosis, or Werewolf Syndrome, have hair growing all over their bodies, and the condition can be both inherited or acquired. Some people actually get it as a side effect of anti-balding treatment. So, it’s technically much easier to become a werewolf than a vampire. 

Or you could totally focus on finding lasting remedies for terrible diseases like cancer, or viral diseases that develop and mutate and might become dangerous for the global population

5. You’ll have the latest technology at your fingertips

Forget the new iPhone, I've got a new surgery robot! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Governments and companies are investing heavily in medical technology, meaning you’ll always have the best tools to do your job with and no place for error.

Take your pick from state-of-the-art prosthetics, 3D printed organs (and actual 3D printing with biomaterials), devices that analyse your vocal features to diagnose your health, wearable diagnosis sensors, food scanners that tell you what’s in your food, you name it.

Sci-Fi has become a reality for a while now in the field of medicine. Just make sure you don’t go overboard, young Dr. Frankenstein!

6. Endless Medical specialisations to pick from…

…and there’s plenty of time to find your calling. Just throw a dart and pick from:

But wait, there's more! Don't forget about: Gerontology, Oncology, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Endocrinology, Neurology, Sports Medicine, Genetics, or Intensive Care

7. You’ll never stop learning – and that’s a good thing!

You can never end up knowing everything during your medical career. Even the best doctors still need to stay in touch with new discoveries and procedures. So, you can rest assured you will never get bored.

What’s more, during your study years, you’ll have your teachers and colleagues to learn from. Colleague feedback and teamwork is an essential part of a medical education, so you’ll never be on your own.

But you don’t need this article to figure out if studying a Medicine Bachelor's is right for you. You probably already know it. And it’s not because your parents told you to do it, but because you’re the kind of person who was made to cure others. True doctors have the calling. The rest is just about finding the right education

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