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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Whatsapp Banking: Now without going to the bank, many things can be done through WhatsApp, this government bank has started the facility

Whatsapp Banking: Now without going to the bank, many things can be done through WhatsApp, this government bank has started the facility

Whatsapp Banking: Due to many great features of WhatsApp, now this facility has become necessary for all of us. Banking sector is also trying to make maximum reach to its consumers by taking advantage of this facility.

Whatsapp Banking in State Bank Of India: No matter what the sector, nowadays the use of technology has become necessary for everyone. Now the country's largest bank SBI has also started WhatsApp Banking, taking a step forward in the direction of technology. With this new facility, you will be able to do a lot of work only through Whatsapp without going to the branch. You will be able to get information about your bank balance and mini statement by chatting on the WhatsApp number issued by the bank.

Know how to use

First of all you have to get yourself registered with SBI. For this, you have to give space by writing WAREG. Then you will have to send an SMS to 7208933148 by writing your account number. The format for sending this message will be as follows: - WAREG <space>Account Number and send it to 7208933148. While sending the message, special care has to be taken that send the message from the same number, which is registered in your SBI account. When your registration is done, a message will come on your WhatsApp number from SBI's number 90226 90226. If you want, you can also save this number.

You can chat like this

When you are registered with the bank, you can start chatting by typing Hi. After this a message will come from SBI and necessary things will be asked to help you. This message will be like this-

Dear Customer, Welcome to SBI Whatsapp Banking Services!

Please choose from any of the options below.

1. Account Balance

2. Mini Statement

3. De-register from WhatsApp Banking

You may also type your query to get started.

You can use according to your need

After reading this message, you can take advantage of the facility according to your need. For example, if you send by typing 1, then the account balance information will come on your chatting. On the other hand, by typing 2, you will get the details of the mini statement. At the same time, by typing 3, you will get the facility to de-register from WhatsApp Banking.

Facilities will be available for seven days - 24 hours

According to sources, at present you will be able to get only these 3 facilities on this WhatsApp Banking of SBI. When the time comes, gradually more facilities will be added to this work. By taking advantage of this facility, you can avoid the hassle of going to the bank and standing in long lines there. The biggest thing is that this facility will be available to you 24 hours and 7 days, which will also speed up your work.

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