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Monday, July 25, 2022

WhatsApp Stickers: How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in Minutes

WhatsApp Stickers: How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in Minutes

WhatsApp Stickers: Ever since Meta announced the Stickers feature on WhatsApp, conversations started getting more fun. WhatsApp is no longer limited to emojis, but stickers are small animated images.

WhatsApp has allowed other developers to create their own stickers and add them to the meta-owned social messaging app. However, this method is a bit complicated for anyone unaware of coding. So, we'll show you how to create a new sticker pack yourself, or download it from another app. And, we are sure you will enjoy the process, so without any delay, let's get started.

How to create stickers for WhatsApp on Mobile? Obviously, there is no easy way to create WhatsApp Stickers directly. So you have to rely on third-party apps. is one of the most popular WhatsApp sticker maker apps. Although it has loads of sticker packs, it allows you to create stickers packs to use on WhatsApp.

Step : 1 Download from Google Play Store.

Step: 2 Now, log in with your Facebook or Google account.

Step : 3 Tap on the + button at the bottom and choose the type of sticker you want to create; Animated or Regular

Step: 4 Select a picture and click on Auto.

Step: 5 Now, tap on Next and give it a name and a tag. Select New Pack and Save.

Step: 6 Now you can send it to your friends or anyone by tapping on Add to WhatsApp option in WhatsApp.

How to Create Custom Stickers on WhatsApp Web and Desktop? WhatsApp introduced support for creating stickers on the web version for desktop last year. 

Step: 1 Open WhatsApp Web in your browser on your desktop. 

Step: 2 Scan the QR Code and log in to your WhatsApp account. 

Step: 3 Open the contact to whom you want to send the custom sticker. 

Step: 4 Click on the Attachments menu on the left side of the message bar.

Step: 5 Click on the sticker option and select a photo.

Step : 6 Now customize it using tools like outline, emoji, sticker, text, paint and crop which WhatsApp once customized click on the send button and the message will be sent.

Know about app

Discover millions of funny WhatsApp stickers and create your own stickers.
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Here’s how to create sticker pack for WhatsApp.
1. Name your sticker pack.
2. Select photos and cut out stickers from your photos
3. Add captions to give your stickers more character.
4. Export your stickers to WhatsApp and send them to friends.

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