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Friday, August 12, 2022

How to keep baby cool and comfortable in summer?

How to keep baby cool and comfortable in summer?

With the onset of summer, these easy tips will help you keep your baby cool and comfortable.

Dress your baby appropriately

Choose clothes for your baby that can help keep him comfortable in summers.

Pure cotton fabrics absorb more sweat than fabrics made from synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, rayon. As a result, when the baby sweats, cotton clothes absorb moisture and allow it to dry, whereas clothes made of synthetic fibers do not.

If your baby's skin stays wet for a long time, he may be more likely to get a prickly heat rash.

When you take your baby out in the sun, choose light clothes. Dark colors, especially black, absorb light, causing them to heat up. On the other hand, light colors, especially white, do not absorb light and because of this, they remain cool.

When out in the sun, choose light long-sleeved clothes for your baby. They help in cooling the baby's skin by protecting it from the direct rays of the sun.

A hat or a hat can be worn to protect the baby from the sun. However, make sure she is wearing a wide-rimmed hat so that it protects her head, face and neck from the sun. Do not wear a hat supported by an elastic band that puts pressure on blood circulation. Stay indoors during extreme heat (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

If possible, try to stay indoors during the day when the heat is the most. Take your baby for a walk early in the morning or late in the evening.

If you must be out in the sun, drape a cotton sheet before putting your baby in a pram or baby carrier. The cotton linen will protect the baby's skin from the pram's synthetic fabric. At the same time, it will absorb the sweat of the baby and keep him dry and comfortable.

Let the baby go without a nappy for some time

If you can, leave your baby without a nappy for a while at a convenient time of day. Nappies can keep your baby warm, especially in hot weather. Also, where the nappy waistband and thigh bands stay tight on the skin of the baby, there may also be a lot of sweating.

This can happen with both cotton nappies and disposable diapers. Because with the cotton nappy you will probably be using a protective cover.

When your baby gets used to the routine of feeding and sleeping, you will notice that he is also passing urine and bowel movements regularly.

Choose a time to keep your baby without a nappy when he is awake and less likely to have a bowel movement. Yes, but it's hard to tell when she gets to pee!

Then put the baby in cotton underwear and lie on a cotton sheet or sheet, and put a protective layer under the sheet. Keep her without a nappy for as long as you want, although the longer you keep it, the more cleaning you may have to do.

If your baby is on his knees and you don't want to let him roam around the house without a nappy on, you can keep him without a nappy when he sleeps in the afternoon - as long as he doesn't wake up when it's wet.

Keep baby hydrated

Babies can become dehydrated much more quickly than adults. Therefore, keep in mind that in 24 hours, the baby should be wetting at least six to eight nappies.

If your baby is less than six months old and you are exclusively breastfeeding him, there is no need to give him extra water during the summer season. Babies who continue to breastfeed as they please are not at risk of dehydration.

In hot weather, your baby may want to breastfeed more often. He will probably be drinking a small amount of milk at a time. Your breast milk will give her enough fluids, as drinking small amounts like this gives her extra fore milk. It is thinner and more refreshing than the later fat-rich milk. So allow your baby to breastfeed whenever he wants, as many times as he wants.

If your baby drinks canned milk (formula), you may need to give her boiled and cooled water in the summer.

Offer solid foods, slightly older babies, plenty of water and drinks throughout the day. Here's a look at the best and worst drinks for kids.

Do not buy food and beverages from street vendors

Do not give your baby ice cream, ice cubes, water and fruit juices from street vendors. They may not be fresh, and may make your baby sick.

Whenever you go out with your baby, always carry proper food and water for him. Buy good quality food grade plastic containers for storing baby food that are BPA free

Before feeding your baby, taste it yourself to see if the food has gone bad. This is especially important in the summer months, as food tends to spoil very quickly, especially stored food. Also make sure that the food kept in the fridge is edible, especially on the days of power cuts.

Wash off the oil completely from the baby's body after the massage

Our expert Dr. Saroja Balan says that in summers, a layer of residual massage oil can form, thanks to which sweat can get trapped on the baby's skin. due to this, the baby may get heat rash .

To avoid heat rash , ensure that all the oil is washed off from the skin while bathing the baby.

You can choose any light oil,

Which washes off more easily than thick oil.

Be careful using talcum powder

Applying talcum to keep skin folds dry in hot weather is an age-old technique that has been followed by generations of mothers.

There is no harm in doing so, but you've got to make sure that you are using the powder in a safe way. it's been observed that if the baby ever inhales a large amount of powder while inhaling, it can cause difficulty in breathing. So whenever you apply powder on the baby. So don't sprinkle directly with powder cans or powder puffs. Simply take some powder in your hand and apply it gently on the baby's body.

When you apply powder to the baby's neck and surrounding area, ensure that the powder does not fly around, because the baby can inhale the powder while breathing.

Try simple home remedies for prickly heat

Hot, humid weather causes heat rash rash on the groin, shoulders, back, nappy area, and skin folds. you'll treat it.

Some mothers mix curd or buttermilk in boiled cold water and apply it on the heat rash . another mothers make a paste of multani mitti and rose water and wash it off after 10 minutes. they're believed to have cooling and healing properties.

Calamine lotion can relieve the itching caused by a heat rash, but make certain to consult a doctor before using it on your baby.

Be careful about using any home remedy. they'll contain ingredients that are not safe for babies. Your baby is at a better risk of infection, especially within the first six months. At this point his immune system is not very strong.

Let the child cool off by playing in the water

Summer is that the perfect time for your child to play in the water. you'll put your baby in his bathtub or small inflatable baby pool with some water and some toys. Kids love splashing within the water, so allow them to enjoy it.

But never leave your baby alone. Not even for a second. Babies can drown in even some inches of water.

Keep your baby safe from mosquitoes

Mosquitoes spread diseases like malaria and dengue.

There are several methods you'll adopt to protect your baby from mosquitoes, like using a mosquito net or chemical repellent.

With these methods, you'll protect your baby from mosquitoes, but also try that mosquitoes don't enter your house! You can also get nets installed on the doors and windows of your house, and 'door brushes' to shut the open space under the exit doors.

If you employ a cooler at home, clean it regularly and alter the water. this may prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. don't allow stagnant water to accumulate anywhere in your home and surrounding area. If stable gatherings are seen during a public place, ask your society authority or residents' welfare association.

Don't use cheap fancy sunglasses for kids

Sunglasses or sunglasses can be an interesting and fun style item for a baby, but some glasses are just not made properly. Experts have different opinions on using sunglasses on babies. Therefore it is best to talk to the doctor before using them.

If you really want to buy sunglasses/eye shades for your child, buy good brand glasses from a reputed shop. Avoid plastic goggles sold on the streets or at toy stores. Suitable UV in them There is no protection and it is useless to use goggles without proper safety.

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