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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Instead of throwing away kitchen waste, use these smart ways

Instead of throwing away kitchen waste, use these smart ways

Do you know that India is buried under a heap of garbage as the country is generating more than 1 lakh metric tonnes of solid waste every day? Every time you eat a banana, do you (like me) throw the peel in the trash? So it's time for us to realize that the lifecycle of your vegetables and fruits shouldn't just be from fridge to stomach. How to reuse kitchen waste? By learning this, you can become a cleanliness warrior inside your home.

If you're already segregating the waste, that's a good thing. But, we bet there's still a lot of kitchen waste being thrown out. So we are going to tell you some very useful ways by which you can use kitchen waste in your daily life. Plus we'll even teach you how to make compost!

શિયાળાની ઋતુમાં ખાંસી અને શરદી,  શા માટે  અને ક્યાં લોકોને  થાય છે, જાણો શું છે કારણ

શિયાળામાં સ્વાસ્થ્યનું ખાસ ધ્યાન રાખો, સ્વસ્થ જીવનશૈલી માટે દિનચર્યામાં કરો આ કામ

ટામેટાના ફાયદાઃ વજન ઘટાડવાથી લઈને આ બીમારીઓથી બચવા માટે, જાણો શિયાળામાં ટામેટા ખાવાના ફાયદા

Watermelon rind

After eating a fresh watermelon, do you throw away the remaining rinds? Then you should think again. The peels you think are part of your garbage can actually work to make your skin glow. Store them in the fridge and rub them directly on your skin for instant freshness.

Broccoli stalks

Broccoli is undoubtedly one of the most antioxidant-rich vegetables that can be consumed. But apart from the many ways to savor broccoli blossoms, there are equally myriad ways in which dunkels can be used. But it is often considered useless and thrown in the garbage.

But, broccoli stalks are a great alternative to re-use kitchen waste as they contain a lot of nutrients and you can make a nutrient-rich raw snack or soup, among many other dishes.

Onion and Garlic Peels

These two vegetables are used a lot in Indian homes. Therefore, onion and garlic peels are the most in the kitchen waste. Instead of discarding the skin, use these peels again to make delicious homemade soup stock, as the skin has more nutritional value.

Apart from this, dry and roast the peels of onion and garlic and make powder. Using it in food enhances the taste and by eating this powder on salads, its flavor increases further.

Apple Peels

Did you know that apple peel can actually help reduce dark circles? All you have to do is put the apple peels in the fridge. Once it cools down, you can keep it under your eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Vegetable Mesh Bags

Nowadays we have become so lazy that instead of buying vegetables and groceries from the market, we order online instead of going to the market. Fruits and vegetables are probably neatly packed in mesh bags. Instead of throwing away this mesh bag, you can use it to clean oil and burn stains on kitchen utensils.

Alternatively, you can use these mesh bags as an innovative gift wrapping solution. Don't throw them away!

Green onion stalks

After reading this you will never have to buy green onions again. Going to the market is becoming a daunting task every day and with online grocery shopping becoming rampant, it is wise to start growing your own items.

Green Onion is one such vegetable that you can grow easily. Take a part of the lower stem and put it in the water. You will see it start growing in a couple of days.

Pineapple Top

This delicious tropical fruit is available throughout the year but its peak season is during the summer. We love the juicy and tangy taste of this delicious fruit. But do you know that you can also grow it in your kitchen garden? Simply save the tops of your pineapple and plant it in your garden to grow your own pineapple.

In this way, you should not throw the kitchen waste as waste, but use it again easily with these methods. Stay connected with Harzindagi to get more such information.

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