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Monday, September 5, 2022

Makeup brushes can also cause pimples, follow these methods for hygiene

 Makeup brushes can also cause pimples, follow these methods for hygiene

Everyone likes to do makeup, but it is also very important to take care of hygiene during makeup. Particular attention should be paid to the cleaning of makeup brushes. When dirty makeup brushes are used on the face, there can be a problem of pimples and rashes. Unwashed products produce bacteria that can cause pimples on the skin. Using dirty makeup brushes can also clog the pores of the skin. Along with this, red patches can also emerge on the skin. Therefore, before applying makeup, special care should be taken of the hygiene of makeup products. Let us know how makeup products can be kept safe by adopting these tips.

clean makeup brush

Makeup brushes are important for doing makeup, on which foundation, concealer and powder will be applied many times. According to the beauty blender, it is very important to keep the makeup brush clean. Liquid cleanser can be used to clean it. It must be cleaned once a week. Keeping the makeup brush clean can get rid of pimples.

keep lipstick brush safe

Many people use lipstick brush to apply lipstick. The lipstick brush is very thin and soft which can get damaged with repeated washing. Therefore, cotton and soft cloth can be used to clean it. Cleaning it every time after applying lipstick can reduce the risk of infection.

Spray bottle cleaning required

It is also necessary to clean the spray bottle used in makeup. Bacteria can grow in it due to being filled with the same water for several days. Which can promote pimples on the skin and scalp. Liquid cleanser can be used to clean the spray bottle. You can clean it once a week.

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