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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

These damages occur due to repeated curling of hair, know

 These damages occur due to repeated curling of hair, know

Nowadays most of the women use hair styling tools to style their hair. It is easy to use styling tools to style the hair, which can make the hair beautiful and stylish in appearance, but using too much of it can affect the hair badly. hair styling tools like

Hair straighteners, curling rods and blow dryers style the hair with heat. According to experts, the heat emanating from the curling rod can damage the hair up to 85 percent, if you also curl your hair everyday, then you need to know about the damage caused by it.

Let us know what can be the damage to the hair due to daily curling.

These damages can occur due to repeated curling of hair:

Tangled and lifeless hair

According to, over-curling the hair can damage the hair, making it always look tangled and difficult to untangle. Weak hair tends to break a lot while unraveling.

Loss of shine of hair

In healthy hair, cuticles give the hair a natural shine, but damage can dry out the hair, leaving it dry and lifeless.

hair fall-

Dry and weak hair automatically breaks from the middle, due to which the hair becomes split and lifeless.

Deterioration of natural texture of hair

The natural texture of healthy hair looks very beautiful and shiny, but the heat of hair styling tools takes away the natural texture of the hair, which makes the hair look yellow and unsightly.

Stopping hair growth

Using Kalinga Road every day weakens the hair and stops hair growth.

Hair does not grow for months due to excessive use of hair styling tools.

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