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Thursday, April 13, 2023

When to charge mobile?

When to charge mobile?

At 10, 20, 30 or 45%, more than half of people do not have correct knowledge

Mobile Battery Charging: To stay on the phone throughout the day, it is also necessary to charge it well. Many of us leave the phone on charge anytime. But is it right to do so? Let's know what is the right time to charge the phone?

Mobile Charging: Nowadays most people use mobile phones. Many people's lives become incomplete because of the phone. It becomes difficult to spend a day without a phone. Because many people spend more than half of their time on the phone. Be it doing office work or talking with your friends and relatives. Mobile is essential in every situation. Along with the mobile it is also necessary to charge it from time to time. If you do not charge the phone on time, there is a possibility that the phone will deteriorate quickly. Many people are confused about when to charge the phone. Don't worry if you are also confused. Today we will tell you when to charge the phone.

What is the correct way to charge a mobile?

We use the phone all day long, so it doesn't mean you have to keep its battery full all the time. If you keep the phone charged throughout the day, it can also damage the phone. At the same time, 0% charge also affects the battery life of the mobile. That is why it is very important to charge the phone at the right time.

Is it necessary to keep the phone charged at 100 percent?

Many of us think that charging the mobile up to 100% will allow us to work comfortably throughout the day. Along with this, your phone's battery will also last longer. But some experts believe that it is not advisable to keep the phone charged to 100% all the time. That's why you keep it only 80-90 percent charged. If you always keep a full battery, it affects the life of the phone. So always keep the phone charged at around 90 percent.

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When will you charge the phone?

Many people leave the phone on charge when the phone is completely discharged. If you do this too, your phone might get damaged soon. So whenever the phone gets 20% charged, put it on charging immediately. Many phones also prompt you to charge when it reaches 20 percent, and even show you a low battery. In such a situation, it is clear that you should always keep your phone charged between 20 and 80 percent. Having more or less than this will have a bad effect on your phone's battery.

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